Asian Station

Lo mein noodles and fresh vegetables flavored with soy and teriyaki sauces. Served out of a jumbo serving pan, featuring a variety of Asian toppings.

Pickle Station

This rustic station features a wide variety of pickled vegetables for a straight from the farm feel.

Risotto Station

With large pans of risotto cooking right in front of guests, this station brings this classic Italian dish to life! Select custom risotto flavors and the toppings to accompany them.

Mac and Cheese Station

Partyman’s creamy macaroni and cheese is featured in this station. Customize the flavor for a twist on this classic dish or add an array of toppings for your guests to pile on.

Sushi Station

We’re on a roll with our Sushi station featuring an assortment of Asian inspired classics.

Taco Station

Chicken and beef tacos with all the condiments and toppings to help bring the fiesta to your next event.

Biscuit Bar

Various biscuits and breads served with Partyman’s signature spreads.

Farm to Table Vegetable Spread

Fresh seasonal vegetable dishes are featured in this station, beautifully displayed with seasonal fruits, vegetables, and farm to table decor.

Mediterranean Station

Inspired by Mediterranean flavors, this station comes with a variety of marinated vegetables and pita bread to be dipped in house made hummus, tapenades, baba ghanoush, and flavored oils.

Picnic Station

Inspired by the classic picnic meal, this station offers all the best flavors of summer with a full course of American picnic favorites.

Seafood Station

Bring a taste of the sea to your next event with a Seafood Station featuring a variety of crustaceans, fish, and shellfish.

Candy Bar

Assorted candies creatively displayed for a station that will satisfy those with a sweet tooth.

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