We’re a crew of awesomely creative people who love food and events. We all bring something unique and important to the table to make every event happen. Our team works tirelessly year-round planning, preparing, and producing beautiful events. Get to know the people behind the scenes!

Joe Yantachka III



23 years at Partyman

31 years in the Industry

“I love coming to work — our staff is amazing! Creating unique and exciting options for clients.”

Hobbies: Spending time with my wife and three kids, creative carpentry projects, hunting, and fishing

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The Team

A great group of people.

JT Thomas

Director of Operations


14 years at Partyman
28 years in the Industry

I am very lucky to be a part of this amazing Partyman team and I’ve come to love watching everyone grow and succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, and spending time with my wife

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Sales & Marketing

Meg Furnare

Sales & Marketing Supervisor


2 year at Partyman
8 years in the Industry
I love the people at Partyman, everyone is so genuine and willing to help out with anything, it’s awesome.
Hobbies: Wine education, traveling, and playing soccer

Paige Brightman

Senior Event Planner


3 year at Partyman
9 years in the Industry
My favorite parts of my job are the lovely people I work with, meeting new people, and planning amazing events.
Hobbies: Being a mom to the cutest little boy, Henry, binging 90 Day Fiance, and stuffing my face with fantastic food!

Stephanie Berman

Event Planner


1 year at Partyman
13 years in the Industry
I felt at home immediately at Partyman! The atmosphere here is friendly and energetic – you can tell the staff loves what they do!
Hobbies: Tennis, camping, thrifting

Planning Team

Dedicated to your event vision.

Briar Murphy

Event Producer


3 years at Partyman
6 years in the Industry
I love meeting new clients and helping them create an event they’re excited about!.
Hobbies: Traveling, writing, cafe hopping, and checking out local galleries

Abbie Miller

Event Producer


4 months at Partyman
7 years in the Industry
My favorite part is the people I work with. Partyman truly goes above and beyond to make every employee feel like part of the family.
Hobbies: Yoga, watercolor painting, and adventures with my pup Moose

Beth Hiler

Marketing Coordinator


10 months at Partyman
3 years in the Industry
“The creativity and innovation is a great part of working at Partyman. Everyone works so well together and encourage you to grow professionally.”
Hobbies: Mixed media art, gardening, video games, collecting old media

Tama Webster

Event Logistics


8 years at Partyman
9 years in the Industry
Solving the weekly logistic puzzle (our event schedule) is my favorite part of my job!
Hobbies: Designing costumes, outdoor cooking, painting, and gardening

Planning Team

Working together for you.


Chris Towne

Executive Chef


13 year at Partyman
20 years in the Industry
I love hearing positive feedback from clients, it happens often and never gets old.
Hobbies: Gaming and traveling – specifically to areas with world-renowned cuisine

Kitchen Team

Passionate about flavor and fun.

Brad Jason

Training & Development Sous Chef


8 year at Partyman
9 years in the Industry
“Everyone here at Partyman has an amazing energy. It’s the best place I have worked!”
Hobbies: Gaming, traveling to Florida

Phoebe Hernick

Logistics Sous Chef


2 years at Partyman
17 years in the Industry
Some of the best laughs I’ve had are from the people here. I also love more complex events and seeing our hard work in getting everything done for people’s special day
Hobbies: Indoor gardening, travel, game nights with family and friends

Brian Arliss

Production Sous Chef


1 year at Partyman
21 years in the Industry
“I love our close-knit team – makes each day exciting!”
Hobbies: Food, playing the guitar, sports, camping

Kitchen Team

Always innovating, never settling.

Event Staff

Mikayla Sanchez

Event Staff Supervisor


5 years at Partyman
8 years in the Industry
My favorite part of my job is easily the amazing people I’ve met here.
Hobbies: Reading, hiking, tap dancing, and video games

Event Staff

Ready with a smile to serve.

Mira Sprinkle

Event Staff Coordinator


6 year at Partyman
6 years in the Industry
The team is the best! We all work so well together, respect one another, and find ways to make teamwork fun!
Hobbies: Going for coffee with friends, organizing my living space, spending time outdoors – especially Spikeball


Danielle Ayers

Warehouse Supervisor


4 years at Partyman
4 years in the Industry
The more intricate the event, the more fun I get to have!
Hobbies: Traveling, photography, and collecting records

Kyle Sinclair

Warehouse Coordinator


5 year at Partyman
5 years in the Industry
It’s amazing watching our processes run like a well-oiled machine. I also love how we have become more involved in the community.
Hobbies: Backpacking, mountaineering, cooking, and traveling

Warehouse Team

Behind the scenes superstars.

Chelsie Blanchard

Beverage Coordinator


1 year at Partyman
20 years in the Industry
“I love crafting the perfect beverage to compliment a menu and an event.”
Hobbies: Baking, gardening, self-care

Design Team

Bringing your vision to life.

Brittany Wetherwax

Design Coordinator


10 years at Partyman
13 years in the Industry
I just love the environment (at Partyman) and have never not wanted to come to work. I enjoy being here and feeling like I am doing an important thing for this company to succeed.
Hobbies: Singing, crafting, playing softball, and being outdoors

Human Resources

Jessica Stevens

HR Supervisor


5 months at Partyman
4 years in the Industry
My favorite part of working here is seeing the passion from everyone. Our team is extremely driven, focused, and passionate about what we do.”
Hobbies: Being a mom, listening to music, playing the guitar, art, and learning

Elaine Anderson

HR Coordinator


2 years at Partyman
2 years in the Industry
“The people at Partyman are the best! It’s such an amazing team of caring, driven, and creative people.”
Hobbies: Traveling, painting, working on outdoor projects, gardening

HR Team

Supporting everyone in our growth.

Finance & Admin

Zach Riese

Staff Accountant


3 months at Partyman
2 years in the Industry
Everyone at Partyman makes you feel so welcomed and they know how to have fun at the office! I’ve never once not wanted to come to work.”
Hobbies: Astronomy, cooking, Dungeons & Dragons, being in nature

Carol Thomas

Finance Coordinator


6 years at Partyman
6 years in the Industry
“Love being able to work with my son, JT! But there are so many great people here. Everyone is always kind and considerate and we always have lots of laughs.”
Hobbies: Baking, gardening, spending time on our boat and with the family

Sara Benham

Admin Assistant


4 years at Partyman
4 years in the Industry
“The family atmosphere at Partyman is my favorite. I feel so comfortable and it helps me thrive at my job. We are constantly growing and I get to learn something new every day!”
Hobbies: Hiking, reading, spending time with family, going on weekend trips to explore the local area