We’re always looking for like-minded people and we’re hiring for all positions. We love food, flawless events, and positive attitudes! If you possess ambition, dedication, and the desire to become part of an award-winning team, you’re exactly who we are looking for. Submit your application for us to review and let’s connect!

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All applicants must have reliable transportation. Compensation is determined by experience and ambition level. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Part-Time Openings

  • 13-34 hours per week
  • Seasonal & year-round positions
  • Occasionally work events

Event Lead / Banquet Captain

Our Event Leads oversee full-service catered events. They are responsible for providing guidance and direction to the service staff, being the liaison between client, venue, and vendors, and making sure the event is executed flawlessly. You will work the event from beginning to end to ensure all goes well. You must have great communication skills to effectively work with the guests and the entire team. Experience in the special event industry is 100% necessary. Saturday availability is a must!

*Full-time hours available seasonally for the right candidate.


Event Server / Bartender

These positions are the face of Partyman Catering! Our Event Servers and Bartenders are the people who bring the Partyman energy and passion to life for our clients and guests. These roles entail event setup, cleanup, and providing service to guests during the event. Our ideal candidates have an upbeat, positive attitude and are customer service-oriented. Without exception, you must be a people-person and willing to work as part of a team. Experience is preferred, however, a strong work ethic and willingness to learn are welcome attributes and go a long way! Our Event Server position is a great stepping stone to becoming and Event Lead. Saturday availability is a must.

Event Servers must be at least 16 years old. Bartenders must be at least 18 years old.

*Full-time hours available seasonally for the right candidate.


Dishwasher at Hilton Venue

The location of this job is in Hilton, NY at one of our partner venues. As a dishwasher in our fast-paced atmosphere, you will play a very important role within our operation by assisting the kitchen staff with event cleaning needs and possible food prep assistance. Dishes and utensils must be washed, dried, and organized to the Partyman set standards to ensure the highest level of sanitation and quality of product for our customers.

When applying for this position, select “Other” as position of interest and type in “Hilton Dishwasher”.


Full-Time Openings

  • 32+ hours per week
  • Seasonal & year-round positions

Warehouse Gatherer 1

This role helps pull together all the details and make our events beautiful! In a fun environment where individuality is encouraged, Warehouse Gatherers are responsible for collecting and organizing items for off-site events. Our ideal candidates are organized, list-oriented, adaptable, and thrive in a fast-paced work environment.


Catering Chef

You will play a very important role within our operation and the job you perform is just as important as every person working alongside you. Most importantly is to have fun, work proudly, and enjoy the people of the company. By example you should display your commitment to professionalism and quality, helping produce an end product that creates an exceptional customer experience. Join a crew that encourages innovation and is full of fun, personable people!


Catering Sales Associate

The Catering Sales Associate is responsible for building genuine relationships with prospective, new, and existing clients throughout the entire planning process for their event. The priority of this position is to offset catering seasonality by bringing in new targeted business during the off-peak season. Through leadership, set the example of your commitment to quality, exceptional service, and hospitality excellence while contributing in any way possible to the success of the team. This is a great position for motivated, sales-driven individuals with opportunities for rapid growth and advancement.

READ Catering Sales Associate JOB DESCRIPTION

Event Producer

The Event Producer is responsible for assisting Event Planners in daily operations while gaining a complete and comprehensive understanding of producing events at Partyman Catering. You should be self-motivated with a commitment to quality, exceptional service, and hospitality excellence.


Marketing & Graphic Design Coordinator

This position requires a creative individual who has a passion for visual messaging and content creation. We are seeking someone who will contribute on a broad level as you facilitate the execution of all company marketing, advertising, and branding. Hospitality experience, knowledge, and the love of food are a plus. Our ideal candidate will embrace and respect the freedom to be creative and innovative while coming up with ideas and putting them into action with reasoning and methodology.

READ Marketing & Graphic Design JOB DESCRIPTION

Part- or Full-Time Openings

  • There are multiple openings for these positions and can be filled by part-time or full-time applicants.

Warehouse Gatherer 2

Gatherer 2’s are role models and train new Gatherer 1’s. In this position, along with the duties required of a Gatherer 1, you are expected to handle more administrative duties and event-day expediting. The ability to delegate and leading by example will help you master this job.


Prep Chef 1

Assist our Executive Chef and kitchen team with basic food preparation needs as well as occasionally working off-site events. Basic knife skills and six months of experience under your belt are preferred, but we also welcome a willingness to learn in a commercial style kitchen. Our ideal candidates are well organized, efficient, and possess the ability to understand, scale, and execute recipes. Join a crew that encourages innovation and is full of fun, personable people!

*Full-time hours available seasonally for the right candidate.



This position will play an integral role in our operation by supporting our kitchen staff. This position requires motivation and the capability of standing for an entire 6-8 hour shift. Experience how an industrial kitchen runs with possible room for advancement with some food preparation and assisting in all basic back of house needs. This person should be well organized and be able to take direction. This is one of the most important positions in our operation, without it our kitchen couldn’t function.

*Full-time hours available seasonally for the right candidate.


Event Delivery / Vehicle Champion

This position is responsible for event loading and delivery each week. They also help train team members on best practices for loading and unloading event materials. This position requires strong initiative and a high level of organization. Although this role functions very independently, you will interact with most departments within the organization. If you are a “Jack of all trades” who has a passion for process, this role is perfect for you!

Saturday availability is a must. Must have valid driver’s license.

*Full-time hours available seasonally for the right candidate.


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